(Applicable from 01/02/2023)


  1. Customers sending goods to the warehouse need to contact Sanacy in advance and provide full information about the goods: Product name; Image; Quantity; Packing; Total number of cases; Total weight, Volume to serve the customs clearance takes place quickly and accurately. If the customer declares incomplete, misleading or concealed information about the goods, when the goods are inspected by the customs, the customer must bear the full responsibility and incurred the costs.


  1. Refuse to transport prohibited items, including: Cash, flammable and explosive objects, goods related to copyright, goods related to intellectual property, goods protected in Vietnam, illegal goods (theft, ...), national banned goods (drugs, toxic substances, ...). If violations of the above provisions lead to loss of goods and related legal issues, Sanacy is not responsible at all.


  1. For fragile goods: The principle of the carrier is to ensure the goods are in their original condition, not the intact condition of the goods inside the package, so you need to ask the supplier to pack the goods. Be careful with carton, shockproof nylon or wooden frame, wooden crate. It is mandatory to clearly write "易碎品 - 请小心轻放" outside. Please contact Sanacy for specific advice to minimize the risk of goods to the lowest level.


  1. If it is a sensitive or high freight rate item mixed with a general cargo, the entire shipment will be billed at the rate of the sensitive or high freight rate.


  1. You pay the freight and lifting fee (if any) before taking the goods out of the warehouse in HCM city. All inquiries and complaints related to the goods (Weight, size, freight, surcharges) will not be handled once the goods have been released from the warehouse.


  1. For heavy or bulky goods, there will be a charge for lifting and lowering the goods: Depending on the quantity and weight and size of the goods. The range will be from 100-200 yuan/package. The exact fee will be notified to you after having specific goods information.


  1. Free goods storage time at the warehouse in HCM city: Up to 30 days, after 30 days, Sanacy will liquidate inventory. In addition, when receiving the notice of goods arriving at the warehouse, you should arrange to receive the goods as soon as possible to limit unintended incidents (Specialized agencies inspect the warehouse, seize goods, mold , insects damage goods).


  1. The progress of sea freight between China and Vietnam is the expected time in normal conditions. Depending on the stage, the progress will change, please contact Sanacy in advance to grasp the general situation before cooperation. Cases leading to slow arrival of goods such as: Natural disasters (affected by storms, tropical depressions, damaged ships/barges during transshipment); Pandemic; Mechanisms, procedures, policies on import and export of goods, General inspection, inspection and inspection of goods at the both airports of China - Vietnam ... These are force majeure cases of small-traffic goods by sea., Please understand the situation, sympathize and wait for Sanacy to handle.


  1. In case the goods are at risk of loss or customs confiscation (China and Vietnam Customs), the maximum compensation level is 500% of the frieght value of the lost goods. Sanacy only compensates when it is determined that the goods have been lost, lost or confiscated, in case the goods are delayed (no loss of goods) due to issues in section 8. Customers please understand the situation, sympathize and wait for Sanacy to handle. If the time exceeds 90 days from the date of arrival of the goods to the airport of Ho Chi Minh City and still has not been processed, Sanacy will conduct a detailed discussion of the solution or compensation with the customer.


  1. If customers buy insurance for goods, in case of loss or loss, Sanacy will compensate 100% of the true value of the shipment according to the packing list of the shipment (Do not accumulate costs such as: Bank interest, profit, etc.) estimated profit). Specific premium rates:
  • Value of goods under 300,000,000 VND: 6%  
  • Value of goods over 300,000,000 VND: 5% 



By agreeing to send goods to Sanacy's China warehouse. You are deemed to have read, understood and accepted all of the Terms set forth above and Other Terms (If any).


In addition, when unexpected problems occur, beside the handling options as prescribed above, Sanacy will negotiate and provide additional support for customers based on the following criteria: Cooperation time, quantity, frequency of imports, etc. to ensure that everything is handled as reasonably and as reasonably as possible. Issues not mentioned in the above regulations will be resolved through negotiations between the two parties in the spirit of long-term cooperation.




Thank you for taking the time to read all the rules 

We hope to cooperate and work with you




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